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A Whole New World

health & wellness inspirational mindset motivational self-help transformational Apr 20, 2021

Have you been feeling supported lately? Feeling a lack of support seems to be the common theme these days… 

These are ever changing times that we live in. Now more than ever we are experiencing great shifts in energy on a global level, whether it’s personal, political, or even environmental. Our old world is no longer in alignment with the new world we’ve created, and we may feel as if we are once again, having to let go.  How much more is there you may ask? Well it’s a constant letting go process. 

As we grow, it is reflected in the world around us, and many times this means new friends, new places and a new support system. This is wonderful, but with this, comes a falling away, the need to let go of people and circumstances that no longer serve us. The problem seems to lye in the timing of it all. It’s almost as if we are dying and being reborn again while we are still alive. When we experience things ending in our life before the new has arrived, it can cause us to panic.

Right now many of us are experiencing job losses, relationship breakups and even health issues. We may even feel as though all we’ve worked for is for not. This can be very scary and overwhelming. Despite all our efforts, our infill structure is falling apart, and we start to wonder how we will we sustain? Which way do we go when there is no solid ground? Amidst all this chaos, how can I find my way?

I invite you to take time for yourself right now. Take a deep breath and go within for the answers. Realign and restructure your own beliefs and boundaries.  This is no longer the time to enable others, nor a time to allow others to bring you down. Take a look around, take some inventory on your life as it currently stands.

If you are doing your best and are giving 100% of your love and light out to the world, you deserve nothing less in return. So have faith, stay in your creativity, and be patient, for things are not always what they seem. And if by chance something or someone seems out of place, doesn’t feel right, or stands out like a sore thumb, let it go. That’s what you created then, this is now, and it’s a whole new world!

Copyright 2021 Adena Sampson

Adena Sampson, Founder of Outloud Productions & The Unbreakable Spirit Movement, is a Breakthrough Coach, Motivational Speaker, Singer-Songwriter, and Best Selling Author. Having overcome the insurmountable Adena leads by example, teaching us how to turn challenges into victories and inspiring us to live a more authentic, courageous, and passionate life!